Writing a book is hard.

Not that I thought that this would be easy. But the first two chapters came so easily for me. And my publisher is like haggling me for chapters and pages and I’m just sitting here like…leave me alone. I will reach my deadline, I always have and I always will. Just trust that and leave me be. But since this is my first book, and they are going out of their way to publish it (which is normally uncommon for publishers to do for first time authors) I should stop complaining and write. But that is why I haven’t been on Tumblr lately people. I’m writing a book loosely based on my life well in reality it’s not that loosely. It’s pretty much a autobiography with bonuses and false names lol. But yea. That’s why I’m not on as frequently as I used to be. I know I said I’d post on AG more often but I was not planning to write a book, film a reality show, move, and go through other personal stuff this year. This shit just happens. 

I Luv This Shit (Remix) ft. Chris Brown & Trey Songz

This is seriously my favorite song of the entire year and I don’t even really fuck with R&B like that. 

This was seriously the highlight of 2014. Watching Kenya get dragged across the floor and then act like a bitch after. 

She deserved it. Bottom line. 

When you’re on your friend’s instagram and your boyfriend posts a selfie with your sweater on

😒 He think he fucking cute wearing my clothes without my permission, niggas is lucky I deleted my instagram because I would’ve shouted him out! FACTS! 

You claim how broke you are etc why do u wear all this designer shit and shop at dean and deluca etc



true story
welcome to new york

I can’t even front, I do and say the same shit. 

Confession #145: I’m lowkey crushing on Ebro Darden


the older I get, the more I understand squidwards anger

This is some deep and accurate shit. 

Finally a day off!!!!

I’m sleeping all day and fucking all night!