Someone reblogged one of my post and commented “Forever Reblog”

I am forever rebloggable. 

That awkward moment you find out one of your daily vitamins is a natural aphrodisiac.

So I just found out one of the pills I take EVERYDAY has been used as a natural aphrodisiac for men in some cultures. So that’s why I’m horny all the time! But then again I just started taking this two months ago so that doesn’t explain the other horny years of my life. 

TBH I don’t get my sudden jump in popularity.

I gained a lot of followers in the last week, I haven’t even been on like that. I was sitting here waiting for half of them to unfollow me and every time I came back it was more. Like I’m sitting here like “Did I post something and completely forget about it?” But thanks for the love ya’ll *britney spears voice*

I think I’m a Beyonce Stan.

Because I was dead standing and screaming like I knew her personally. I guess that’s what happens once you see her live in concert. You enter just a fan, you leave a worshipper and a level 4 beyhive member. 

"MTV, Welcome to My World"

I don’t want to live in a world where Katy Perry beat Beyonce

Priorities ✔️