can u pretend im not ugly and annoying and fall in love with me

I need a sugar daddy to accommodate my expensive lifestyle because this whole self-accommodation thing just isn’t working out for me.


Bruh these new generation moms lol


Sooooo I know you guys have been waiting for my commentary on AHS (from all the messages I got) It’s starts tonight.

First things first, I’m the realest. And the a lot of you were asking why I didn’t post last week. I actually worked last week during the premiere and I thought I might as well wait until next week. 

So I will be posting my thoughts on the Premiere AND the second episode no later than Midnight. 

Why am I so fucking horny today?

Maybe it’s because I’m off and I know the millisecond my boyfriend gets off of work I’m gonna be all up on that dick. 

Pretend feat. A$AP Rocky

This songs deserves more notes. I’m not even a “fan” of hers but this song goes hard! Maybe it’s because I can relate to it but it just fucking hit home for me. 


when one of ur huntys is being promblematic and you have no choice but to drag them


It be like that sometimes. 

I want to have sex but I’m not in the mood to have sex.